All Gingerbread House Products

Meet and Exceed the CPSIA’s Standards

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act ("CPSIA") requires a

certificate of compliance for products intended for children under 12. 

Even though books without “toy”--or ancillary--elements have been deemed exempt from the testing, we have acquired safety certificates for all elements

of all of our books. Our book, Show; Don't Tell! Secrets of Writing does,

indeed, contain ancillary materials, and these have all passed stringent testing,

and we are posting all certification reports below, in accordance with Section

105 of the the Act.

Certificates of CPSIA Compliance

CPSIA Compliance Reports for all of Gingerbread House’s books:
Printing Ink Report.pdf

Glossy & Matte Art Paper Report.pdf

Matte Lamination Report.pdf

In addition, see the CPSIA Compliance Reports for the

additional materials used in Show; Don’t Tell!, Secrets of Writing:

Black Net Report.pdf

Scent Sense Report.pdf

Sound Module Alkaline Button Cell Report.pdf

Sound Module Lead-Free Solder Wire Report.pdf

Sound Module Parts for Speaker Report.pdf

Sound Module PCB Report.pdf

Sound Module PE Electronic Wires Report.pdf

Sound Module Silicone Rubber Report.pdf

If you have product safety questions, please contact us at: